Clinical Innovation

Clinical Innovations

Creating Value from Clinical Innovations

WiseThink Health has real-life experiences to work with you to strategize, design and implement new mobile health and clinical innovations targeted to improve your bottom line while enhancing the provider and consumer-patient experience.

Mobile Health (mHealth)

Mobile Health

Mhealth is becoming more and more readily accepted by consumers, as a convenient and reliable source for interacting with payers, providers and pharmacies. From the convenience of online appointment scheduling, secure emails with the physician to automated medication refills and wearable sensors, mhealth will continue to play a vital role in consumer health for the foreseeable future.

Mobile Health

Initial thoughts about mhealth only being for smartphone enabled healthy Millennials or Generation X’ers have proven inaccurate. Baby boomers are using mhealth consumer applications with increased usage year over year.

Mhealth represents a tremendous market opportunity for those healthcare stakeholders seeking a new method to engage the consumer with mhealth services that can enhance brand loyalty and potential revenue upside.

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Creating Value through Clinical Innovation

Clinical Innovation

There is a proliferation of new clinical innovations (clinical and mobile health technologies) in the marketplace. The challenge faced by many providers and administrators is to understand how, or if, these new clinical innovations can deliver real clinical or financial value.

Value is defined differently by each healthcare organization, for some it may be to improve care quality, for others it may be to enhance the consumer-patient experience, or possibly improve the bottom line, or all of the above. In any event, careful thought should be put into understanding how a clinical innovation will affect the healthcare organization and their consumer-patients. These clinical innovations have a true technology cost, but broader than the cost of technology, there is a cost to integrate into the healthcare organization’s existing operations.

Clinical Innovation

For healthcare organizations to generate value, a comprehensive understanding of the process (workflow) implications, employee impacts, consumer-patient experience and cultural shifts should be understood along with the clinical innovation. These key components implemented successfully together have the potential to generate value for healthcare organization.
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