Strategy & Operations

Advancing Healthcare Strategy and Operations

WiseThink’s Strategy and Operations practice creates value for our clients by defining healthcare strategies to drive revenue, improve quality and optimize costs. Our clients seek new ways to engage the digital consumer, grow market share, offer new services, optimize daily business operations and implement healthcare outcome measures tied to value. This is an exciting time for healthcare industry stakeholders that are willing to self-reflect, embrace innovation and take the necessary steps to redefine their position in the healthcare marketplace.

Business and Clinical Strategy

Business and Clinical Strategy

The healthcare industry is transforming and this is a reality for all industry stakeholders. Healthcare organizations are considering strategies to advance their business. Key healthcare strategies being considered include new retail strategies for care delivery, new digital consumer services to drive revenue, entering new markets for growth, improve care delivery quality and opportunities to optimize daily business operational costs.

WiseThink can guide you develop or evolve your business strategies and steer you into the new healthcare landscape.

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Introducing Healthcare Outcomes

Healthcare Outcomes is the next frontier for healthcare industry stakeholders to grasp and introduce into daily business operations. Healthcare outcome measures are increasingly gaining momentum as the ultimate measure of success, quality and value for the patient, provider and payers.


WiseThink is partnered with ICHOM, the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement. Our partnership brings the best of the international consortium on healthcare outcome measures to our clients.

WiseThink will guide your organization to understand what value can be realized by introducing healthcare outcome measures and assist you to realize value.

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Business Capabilities and Operational Performance

Business Operations

Many organizations in their haste to implement new service offerings do so only to later recognize that the new service offering are not integrated into existing operations. Consequently, these service offerings do not yield the business results as expected, and in some cases negatively impact profitability. Healthcare organizations typically benefit from having a solid understanding of the current operations, and their business capabilities prior to implementing new business or clinical services, but who has the time? The marketplace is transforming rapidly, and you need to get to the market with your product and services.

WiseThink will work with you to optimize your existing operations or in some cases, guide you through the definition of new Business Capabilities that align to your business strategy and operational expectations. Understanding and optimizing your Business Capabilities are a critical and important element to drive consistent strategic and operational performance across the enterprise.

WiseThink’s Business Capability Blueprint provides you with a holistic view of your business’ operations and performance.

WiseThink is uniquely skilled to collaborate with you and define a Business Capability Blueprint outlining your Business Capabilities along with the following required components.

  • Business Processes
  • Operating and Organizational Structure
  • Technology Enablement
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Operational Governance

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Consumer Engagement

Consumer Engagement

Consumers are more sophisticated, and connected in their mobile life more than any other time in history. The digital consumer is the new frontier and business opportunity for healthcare organizations. While the patient-provider relationship is the foundation for care delivery, consumers are becoming more willing to accept provider instruction and care outside of the medical facility. This presents a new challenge and business opportunity for healthcare organizations.

WiseThink will guide your organization to define business and clinical service offerings to engage the digital consumer and create new business value.

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