Value Creation Agenda

Redefining Healthcare to Create Value


WiseThink understands the C-suite’s Value Creation Agenda. Our client executives all agree that value means different things to different organizations, but simply stated, value is defining new ways to increase profitability. Profitability increases through higher quality, more revenue and lower operating costs.

At WiseThink, all of our consulting and advisory services are tailored to create profitable results and distinctive value for your organization.

Strategy and Operations

Value Creation

Our Strategy and Operations practice creates value for your organization by seizing new marketplace growth and digital health consumer opportunities to drive revenue, as well as, improving your daily operations and performance to optimize costs.

Patient Health

In the new healthcare landscape, value creation will occur for those healthcare organizations that demonstrate high quality Patient Health Outcomes. Healthcare quality and specifically patient outcome measures are increasingly becoming the new standard for healthcare quality and value measurement.


At WiseThink, we are partnered with ICHOM, the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement. Our partnership brings the best of the international consortium on healthcare outcome measures to our clients.

Clinical Innovations

Clinical Innovations practice

Our Clinical Innovations practice realizes value for your organization by defining new methods to serve the digital health consumer-patient, and, integrating the use of provider technologies with consumer mobile health apps and wearable sensors to optimize the care delivery experience for both the patient and care provider.

Employer Health

Our Employer Health practice

Our Employer Health practice creates value by working with you to Reduce Employer Health Plan Costs, and, Engaging Employees by building employer-employee trust with personalized incentives, health education, and self-empowerment tools for the employee and their family.

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